A written ‘Lost Language’, a series of repeatable structures with a consistent meaning. These do not really qualify; yet. If these structures had real meaning they may be profound or prosaic, as you will. It is an easy trip down the ‘rabbit hole’ to semiotics or even structuralism, if you were that sort of person, but that sort of thinking, to parrot Oscar Wilde, may “take too many evenings.” Long ago at school I had an interest in runes, in cuneiform, in the Rosetta Stone, and in the development of writing, of signs, linguistics. Studies of Barthes and Semiotics and Lévi-Straus and Structuralism continue to influence my thinking, but I don’t like to project too many words on a photograph. A photograph like a language may “wound or seduce” without further explanation. 

I think these seduce.

As a commercial photographer most of my professional life has been dedicated to communicating a concept, an idea, and oft times just a client version of a ‘fact’. Most often my professional photography exists with copy and graphic design on paper, and now on the web. I have a craft used in the service of commerce, applied art.

As an artist I am a print maker, often a hybrid, mixed media, but photography based. I make pictures and take pictures, sometimes they are born of laughter, sometimes by pain; by study, or happenstance. A mélange of different styles and processes over the course of thirty years. I’m interested in process and pattern rather than in an exaggerated thought process projected on to the work ... To hint at, rather than demand ...

Jim Cochrane _ Cochrane Photography

(My first sale of this work was to a foreign service officer posted to China)

The exhibition has finished and has been taken down but the prints are still for sale. I have started to collect my other voices ... and will post them as separate galleries ...